23 May 2012

Sonakshi Sinha: I am not open to don a bikini or doing intimate scenes

The beautiful Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who swayed hearts with her ethnic appearance in her first film DABANGG, would be once again seen in a desi avatar in the upcoming film ROWDY RATHORE. In fact her other ventures like SON OF SARDAR, LOOTERA and DABANGG sequel will also see her in a typical Indian role.
Ask Sonakshi if playing quintessential Indian girl comes easy to her and she says, "I don't have any specifications while choosing a role. I chose roles a) I believe that I would fit the character b) If the audience would like to see me playing that particular character c) If I want to be part of the film or not. So far I may have only played such characters but it's only my second year in the industry and I have a long way to go and explore many things."
Although Sonakshi is playing similar kind of roles, she is unfazed of being typecast. She says, "I like such characters. They are very different in spite of being in the same Indian space... Moreover, I get enough opportunities in my Ads, in my shows, in my events to wear western outfits."
Having said that, Sonakshi would consider playing western roles if the particular character and film interests her. "Basically for me if the entire package is very good - like the film, the script, the director and producer and if I like the role and can carry off it well I would definitely consider it," says Sonakshi.
Where many an actresses have no inhibitions shedding clothes and exposing on-screen, Sonakshi has her reservations donning a bikini or doing intimate scenes. "I am not open to don a Bikini or doing intimate scenes," declares Sonakshi.
On asking about her apprehensions, Sonakshi immediately replies, "I have been brought up in a certain way. I have certain restrictions that I follow. I don't really feel to change it because if the audience has accepted me fully clothed why would I resort to."
When cited an example of Vidya Balan's bold portrayal in THE DIRTY PICTURE, Sonakshi candidly admits she has no audacity to pull off such kind of role.
"It was a great film to watch. The performance which Vidya Balan gave was fantastic. I respect her so much as an actress after that film. But it really takes guts to do something like that and I don't believe I'll be able to pull it off with that ease with the restrictions I have in my life."


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