21 June 2012

Sonakshi Sinha created her own fan following

When was the last time when a lead female actress wooing her lover had the gumption to inform him that he was gazing at his navel? Well, Sonakshi Sinha did that with aplomb and an element of innocence in Rowdy Rathore and it never went overboard but conveyed the message that it wanted to convey.

Indeed Sonakshi Sinha seems to be carving a separate niche for herself, a niche that is defined by sticking to Indian couture and not relying on the western clothes to make a statement and splash.

Underlining part is that by choosing to wear Indian clothes in the characters that she has portrayed in both the films, she has not injected an element of submission but has leveraged it to convey an element of subtle sensuality. Khushwant Singh would be mightily pleased that here is a girl who has chosen sari to project the feminine grace on to the silver screen.

She is only two film old, but she has held on to herself against two of the biggest stars of Hindi cinema, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, who both are twice her age. She has a perfect sense and timing of comedy which came out with distinction in both Dabangg and in Rowdy Rathore. However, one only hopes that she does not get bracketed with the likes of the senior colleagues, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, but gets an opportunity to work with her contemporaries like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor etc. This premise is being put forward as the next film of Sonakshi Sinha that is going to hit the screen is Joker where she again stars opposite Akshay Kumar.

Advantage with Sonakshi Sinha lies in the fact that owing to her pedigree of being the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, she has able to cultivate a large band of fan following in the Hindi heartland, one of the biggest commercial territories for a distributor.

Sonakshi Sinha's terrific sense of timing for comedy has the potential to create a laugh riot when she stars opposite either an Imran Khan or a Ranbir Kapoor.

One only hopes that she gets a chance to act opposite these two actors in the near future and create a new benchmark for herself.

Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar promoting the flick Rowdy Rathore on the sets of CID

Sonakshi wore a red salwar kameez and Akshay sported a yellow shirt

Akshay Kumar has been quoted as saying 'TV is very important. Today, it is wrong to call television small. Television is a huge medium and it has a bigger reach than films.'

Akshay said that he opted for CID because it was a popular programme and one of the longest running on TV.

Sonakshi Sinha said that there are a lot of people who view the show

A couple of days back we spotted Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar during an IPL match.

SRK who was also present was seen chatting up with Akshay Kumar.

SRK was peaceful and so was Akshay Kumar.

Sonakshi looked splendid and Akshay was dashing too

Akshay Kumar who will be doing an action role in Rowdy Rathore along with Sonakshi and Prabhu Deva at a road show for the promotion of the movie.

Talking to the media men at the event, Akshay Kumar said, it was a pleasure working with Prabhu Deva. Akshay, who is thrilled to do an action was all praise for his director.

The stars along with the director were taken out in a jeep during the road show.

Both Akshay and Sonakshi wore bright coloured clothes. "It's not only pink but yellow, red all are rowdy. When I got these clothes for the first time, I was shocked but then I got used to it. A lot of people like to wear such clothes. This is just a character and I would love to play it," Akshay Kumar said.

Talking about his "Dabangg" co-star, Akshay was full of praise for Sonakshi. "Sonakshi is a very simple girl, she works and goes home. She comes on time and goes home. She is very professional. She has never bullied or played pranks on people," he added.

The movie which is set to release on the 1st of June is an action flick.

From the road show.

The stars strike a pose for the cameramen.

Both Akshay Kumar and his co-star Sonakshi Sinha said that they would love to ride auto- rickshaws on the streets of Mumbai. At a promotional event, the stars were made to travel in a vehicle next to an auto rickshaw race organised by the team.


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